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Communicating the built environment with CGI
We are proud to be a stand-alone CGI Studio in the UK. Computer-generated imagery or CGI is an essential base for most clients, acting as a critical tool from the design process to their sales and marketing resources. A realistic visual generates instant curiosity and interest which then, in turn, leads to successful off-plan sales and prestige.
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Bringing your designs to life well in advance of real-time production gives potential buyers a vision into their future reality. Helping your business get to market quicker and engage customers early not only leads to an increase in off-plan sales but also builds trust with your potential buyers.
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    Perfect for use in marketing solutions and publications that showcase the final proposal in context.

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    Useful when resolving planning and design issues before construction.

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    Offering clients the ability to visualise a design saves both time and money.

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    Helps to avoid mistakes or oversights that might not have been otherwise apparent.

How it works

With over two decades of experience in 3D CGI Visualisations, Architectural Design Studio provide the highest quality CGI service that can be used in all manner of printed and digital media. Helping you to promote your designs before construction commences not only positions you at the forefront of the market but also allows you to engage with your potential customer base much quicker.

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