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Immersive technology specialists in the world of interactive 3D and VR
Architectural Design Studio understand the increased demand for remote interactivity as more people are living in the digital world, becoming familiar with connecting online for meetings and using the interactive world to our advantage. That's why we are continuously developing our immersive technology products in the world of interactive 3D and VR.
ADS Discover
A new VR service which allows users to seamlessly move in real time through multiple 360 VR hotspots, creating complete freedom of movement to explore space in VR, either through a tablet, phone, web browser or VR headset using a regular internet connection. Virtual tours not only allow your customers to explore every angle of your designs but we have the ability to add 'hotspots' to fully engage the viewer and provide crucial information throughout the experience.
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    Connect with your customer base remotely through a digital link, allowing them to explore a space in their own time without any specialist software.

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    Allows your customer to fully immerse themselves in the tour which enhances the product and captures the viewers attention more than static images.

How it works

Our 360˚ Virtual Tours can be navigated using a touch screen, mouse or keyboard. Allowing the viewer to move around the room or building, look up and around etc. We carefully designed the experience to be intuitive and require no training to save time and confusion to your potential audience. With the Live Guided Tour feature, you can have a video call inside of a tour, to enhance your service offering for more of a personal approach and assistance.

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