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Product Modelling

Imagery to believe in
Our team of experienced industry specialists hold the knowledge and talent to build anything in 3D, whether it is a product that already exists for use in a scene or a brand-new concept at the development stage. Many 3D assets are required to create our CGI’s and Animations, particularly furniture items that have been specified by our clients’ interior design team. It not only brings your designs to life but creates a real-time environment for your clients to virtually step inside.
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A great advantage of modelling a product at the design stage means the design can be tweaked and developed without the need to build real-world prototypes. As well as checking for problems, the products can be visualised in a ‘studio’ space to showcase them.
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    Unparalleled realism when modelling furniture to use in a scene, ensuring the built environment looks the same as our CGI work.

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    Eliminates the need to build costly prototypes, plus the client will avoid any costs associated with photography and studio hire, as well as the logistics to organise a photo shoot.

How it works

Product modelling allows the client to see the product from any angle, determine potential changes and see how it will look before committing to approving their design. Once they are happy with the product, it can be visualised by itself or within a 3D modelled scene to be used throughout marketing collateral.

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