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Speak volumes with design
With over 20 years of experience, Architectural Design Studio have the knowledge and understanding to provide a renowned Photomontage service that speaks volumes. Explaining design in its real-world environment, photomontage collaborates computer-generated content with an existing photograph to help you clearly communicate your designs.
ADS Discover
Photomontage is often used to alleviate concerns surrounding building mass and size or to explain the impact of a design from specific contentious viewpoints. Where the existing content is high quality, such as a city skyline, these images can show how a design will complement its surroundings.
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    Demonstrates the client's confidence in their design when conveying the full vision in context.

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    Strengthens planning case and builds public approval and trust.

How it works

After a base photograph is selected our specialist team use the technical drawings and site survey information in our software to create an accurate camera-match in 3D space. The image is then rendered and superimposed into the original photograph, after which the client can get feedback and approval of the scheme. Changes can easily be made based on these comments within the same photograph, with no change to the base setup.

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