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Senior Architectural Systems

Aspirational lifestyle images showing quality and detail.

The client is well established in the Architectural Systems sector amongst installers and architects but wanted to approach the market with more consumer-friendly content.

Over time there were several different styles of product presentation that had no consistency when placed together. Along side these legacy products were a few new product lines that had not been manufactured, these were to be launched alongside existing products.


  • 01 Get to market early with a new product range, including prototypes still to be produced
  • 02 Create a consistent style and approach to technical details and individual product shots
  • 03 Produce aspirational shots of the products in well-designed homes and spaces

Our Approach

We looked at how the client showcased a product currently, by having a corner section physically made as a sample, and brought that into the virtual world where all aspects could be carefully controlled to keep the style consistent. Once each sample was built in 3D we could use the same virtual studio setup and exact cameras so as a family of images they all looked similar. This principle was also applied to full product shots.

For the aspirational lifestyle CGI’s, the client had strong ideas on their target audience, so we recommended they provide precedent imagery of homes they would like to see their products in. This enabled us to use our interior design expertise and library of 3D furniture to visualise high quality, well-designed spaces.


The client was looking for the ‘wow’ factor from the images, and they trusted us to deliver this through well thought out spaces, excellent design and lighting. We were given clearly defined product sizes and we built spaces around these constraints, then furnished the homes to meet the look and feel our client wanted. Where furniture or objects needed to be moved or swapped, this was very easy for the client to get the exact aspirational lifestyle shot they wanted, which would be costly and a logistical nightmare where real-world photography was required of an existing space!

The work was amazing thank you. I’ve put them into our brochure and feedback has been great.

Michael Reynolds. Architectural Advisor

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