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Newett Homes


    Visualisation Animation

    Newett Homes


    The Pastures – Otley Road, Harrogate, Yorkshire

Capturing the quintessential village

To create marketing imagery to highlight the unique nature of this exclusive development, ultimately driving sales off plan via the webpage, digital brochure and social media campaign.

The client wanted us to create high-quality photorealistic CGI through each house type and three street scenes to capture the quintessential village setting of the development, exploring the combination of brick, stone and rendered properties on the site. Showcase the large green communal open space for the residents to enjoy and back up the build quality and variation of properties for sale.


  • 01 Create high quality marketing collateral from an early stage to assist selling off plan.
  • 02 Visually highlight the individual characteristics of each property type for private sale.
  • 03 Showcase the unique rural nature of the development in a visually appealing way.

Our Approach

We recommended creating a suite of individual house types CGI’s showing the unique character style of each house type, we tailored the street scenes to highlight all the different plot frontages and how they sat next to each other within the development, using our expertise to highlight the large green communal open space for the residents showing the developments key selling point.


We worked closely with the technical and marketing department to achieve the best possible marketing outcome for this exclusive development. The client wanted to highlight the unique and picturesque individual characteristics of the development to drive off-plan sales. 

Through the process, we created draft images for client approval from which alterations were made which ultimately led to a better overall scheme. 

The end result was a set of high-quality bespoke house-type CGI’s and several street scenes showcasing the development as a whole to potential buyers before the site was built, ultimately leading to assist with selling off-plan.

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