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Why are the finishing touches so important?

The finishing touches are crucial in creating the virtual reality of all our work. They take a 3D render and elevate it into a picture reality.

Let’s take a look at show home virtual tours as an example. Buying a home is a huge step in life, whether it’s your customer’s first home, they are moving house, or they’re investing in a property, they want to be sure it’s the perfect fit for them.

With house prices increasing as well as the number of developments, it can be a very complex decision as your customers compare developments, looking at the pros and cons whilst starting to visualise their potential future home. That’s where we like to come in and make the decision easier for your customer. Our show home virtual tours have one very specific goal, turning your development into a real life visual, and we achieve this goal by adding in those minor details.

When your customer is a first time buyer, looking into buying a first property is extremely daunting and intimidating, there is a lot of information thrown their way in terms of deposits, numbers and mortgages, and on top of that they have the task of choosing the perfect property. Stepping into a showroom can be an intimidating experience, our work showcases the all important wow factor – without the need to step foot in a showroom. How do we do this? We capture every little aspect of what your customer may desire, from envisioning their car parked on the drive, to what plants they could have in their front garden and the surrounding greenery around their plot, we want these finishing touches to allow them to feel like the home is already theirs.

Due to the global pandemic in 2020, the number of first time buyers fell below 2016 levels. According to Statista, 65% of people don’t feel safe looking for a house yet 63% felt Covid-19 made them more motivated to buy, so how do you showcase a property development to those motivated to buy, without requiring people to step foot in a showroom? 3D visualisation is how. From shadows, to reflections to the additions of road markings and kerbs, we add those tiny details to paint the bigger picture, and allow potential buyers to imagine this as their very own neighbourhood.

These additions take a flat, simple animation and turn it into a 3D future home and provide those buyers who don’t yet feel safe to look for a house the opportunity to experience the development from the comfort of their own home.

We’re not satisfied with our production until the finishing touches are perfected.

Paul Tinker, Managing Director

Contributing to the overall vision, the difference of including finishing touches like the reflections, the bright sunshine, the lines in the grass, the shadows in the paving takes a flat, basic image and makes it shine. All these attributes combine together to create a virtual 3D aspiration of a property development, selling the homes, before they are even constructed.

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